Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

We have now crossed over from homeschoolers to afterschoolers. I do believe it has been an anxious time not only for Selena but for myself as well. Though, as seasons change, so does life, and we find ourselves changing as well. Moving towards new adventures, traditions, as well as new beginnings.
Tuesday evening we went down to meet Selena’s Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. L. as well as to see her classroom. She was quite excited for this, but I must say that it scared her even more so then ever before. The thought of actually going to school didn’t set well with Selena. She began cutting her hair that evening right down to the scalp in some areas thinking that by doing so we would not send her to school.
As you can see from the result of her cutting her hair in many places now it just sticks straight up in the air. The cute whispy bangs she had now are cut to within on inch from her hair line.
When the day came for the first day of school, she laid awake in her bed trying to not make a noise thinking we would forget to wake her up. I finally talked her into getting up, but she refused to eat breakfast, had a hard time getting convinced to get dressed. Before I knew it she was a total mess. However, we kept moving forward and when it came time to leave she was pretty excited and ready to go.
Off we went, beginning that first walk to school. In the second picture you can see Selena making a fist, she felt she would be more comfortable if she took her imaginary Kitty with her, so she is walking him/her to school too.
Once at school, back pack hung up, name tag found, attendance stick in the “I am Here” can, Selena went straight to the table of farm animals for play. Mrs. L said we could stay until school started, but Selena told us to leave. One last picture and off Papa and I went to make our way home. We both know this was a huge step for Selena but we also know she is coming out the other side with many lessons learned, as well as more confidence and maturity.
Welcome to Kindergarten Selena!
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  1. It looks like a wonderful start of school! Thank you for joining my Back to School Traditions link up!

  2. Her poor little bangs! But, her first day outfit is adorable, as is the picture of her Papa and imaginary cat walking her to school :)

  3. So exciting! I can't wait to hear how her first day went! Is she in a full day or in a half day kindergarten? How many people are in her class? And it's awesome that she can walk to school! So good not to be tied to the bus!

  4. Princess has cut her hair a couple of times, and it always seems to be her bangs that suffer.

    I agree with Leah, the picture of her walking the cat to school is adorable :)

  5. So glad to hear she overcame her fears and was excited to go that first morning! I hope she had a great day. And I agree with Natalie that it's good she can walk to school. I have to put M on the bus for the first time on Tuesday morning. I'm a bit freaked out about that!

  6. It sounds like a good back to school adventure despite the hair cutting! Thanks for linking up to After School.

  7. Thanks for sharing on our After School Link up. Kindergarten is such a fun year, I can't wait to see how her year goes. We have a little School Book that she might enjoy making with you at home and a little lesson about going to school. You never quite know how they will react, but judging by her smiles in the school I'm pretty sure she's going to LOVE it. Here's the link to the book