Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of Summer


We are beginning to feel Fall in the air around here. Trees are changing, not that we see the leaves quite turning but one can sure see where they are starting to make that transition. One thing we so enjoy about this year is all the work that goes on up here, bringing in the hay, preparing all the toys and equipment for the winter to come and the horses reaction to the cooler temperatures. It isn’t often that we have the Paints come in so close since they spend most of their time in the back fields. We were pretty excited one morning when we looked out to find the Paints at the barn where we could see them. I had some water melon in the fridge and quickly cut it up so Selena and I could go out and give them a treat. Selena loves to watch the horses and to give them a treat on top of that just makes her day.


Another sign of Fall came just a day later when we looked out to discover a visit from this Migratory Locust.


I guess you know we wasted no time in observing, as well as researching this visitor. I asked Selena to make some hypothesis about this insect. Her first hypothesis was that this was a herbivore. Which we quickly proved to be correct. She then moved from there to categorizing all sorts of insects and animals into categories of herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. We had a lot of fun that day as we researched all her hypothesis. 

It is hard to believe that she will be starting school this Thursday. Sometimes I still feel like we should continue to homeschool, but yet I know that Selena will really benefit from being around her peers.

My next post will be on her first day of school. I am still not sure what direction my blog will take after this, but stand by as I figure it all out.

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  1. Horses are wonderful fun to watch. I had them growing up and loved it. Hope her transition to school goes well.

  2. We had a locust visiting us too the other day - we didn't know who it was. Our best guess was between a grasshopper and a cricket, but I see now from your post that our guest looked exactly like yours. Good luck to Selena on the first day of school!

  3. I'm sure Selena's first day of school will be exciting for her - hopefully it will remove any lingering doubts you have about not keeping her home.