Friday, August 31, 2012

Selena’s Take On School


Yesterday afternoon we finally sat down to ask Selena a few questions of what she thought of school. Basically she told us that everything was her favorite.

She preferred playing with the animals over coloring us a picture to bring home.

She enjoyed recess.

Her most favorite part though was the tour around the school.

Her teacher read two books, one she truly loved and told us all about it.


Though I haven’t read this book, from Selena’s description, I would say if you have a little one preparing to start school for the first time this is a book to check out and read. She said that the baby raccoon was scared to go to school, so the Mama raccoon kissed his hand and told him it would be OK. Then by the tree were all the other animals that he would meet in his class and become friends with. From her description it sounds like an adorable book.


How to be a Friend was the other book that the teacher read to them. Selena must not have liked it as well as she couldn’t tell me a thing about it. I had to chuckle over that.

She was thrilled to discover that the other girl that was in her VBS class is also in her Kindergarten class. I was really hoping she would be, and she lives very close to us, so hopefully we can get some play dates in soon.

She is already prepared for her second day of school  She has already picked out her clothes and has them laid out ready to put on. I am so happy that she seems to love school. Oh, I guess she did raise her hand and the teacher called on her, all Selena wanted to know, “When is Grandma and Grandpa coming to get me?” That is my little girl!

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  1. Sounds like a great day. Anna's teacher also read The Kissing Hand to the class on the first day both last year and this year. We read the other book too, but it's more fact-based/instruction book, so maybe Selena was too preoccupied thinking about how to be a friend. I hope she enjoys her day today as well.

  2. "The Kissing Hand" is a classic starting school book. It's so cute, I love it.

    How cool to already have a friend built in from VBS.