Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eczema and More

A couple of weeks ago, Selena showed me a rash she had on her elbow. It was quite small, so I thought maybe she got into a thistle weed while playing. We didn’t really think too much about it. Then on Monday she showed us a huge rash on the back of her knee. I knew immediately that it was eczema, so on Tuesday we headed to Olympia to get some ointment from her Pediatrician for it. She does have a small spot on her back as well, which I didn’t notice until Tuesday evening when I was helping her put lotion on.
While in Olympia, and since I never like to just drive that distance without feeling like we have accomplished more then just going to the doctor, I suggested we go look around Target. Selena informed me that she needed jeans. This thrilled me since Selena has never really liked to wear jeans and we never really pushed the issue. We had fun picking out a couple pair of jeans and another outfit.
There were many other items that Selena would have loved to have bought. I promised her that after school gets started we will go back and shop some more. This to me is just the beginning of my little girl growing up. When I asked her later why she felt so strongly about needing jeans her answer was so sweet and to the point, “Other girls wear jeans!”
Outside of needing shoes, socks and under clothes Selena is definitely ready for school. She asks everyday when is Fall going to begin? Now for me to be ready to send her off.
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  1. I had excema as a kid and it was annoying

    Princess still doesn't want to wear jeans

  2. I can't keep mine in decent jeans--either they grow out of them, or get them ripped on barbed wire fences...
    Tea tree oil works well on eczema.

  3. Anna is quite the opposite - she is now begging to wear skirts and dresses like other girls :) I hope Selena's eczema will not be chronic. When does her year start?