Monday, August 13, 2012

Fair Day

As a late birthday day for Papa and a early anniversary for us both we chose to go to the County Fair. It was such a beautiful sunny day, a little on the warm side, though none of us were going to complain. We spent a lot of time at the rides, as Selena wanted to ride as many of them as she could. Her a Papa went on the Ferris Wheel, Selena’s all time favorite ride. I took  her on the Octopus, she barely remembered riding the Octopus when we were in Spokane and Uncle TJ took her on it a couple of years ago. She wasn’t sure she liked it, but forbid me to ask the attendant to stop it. She went on numerous of rides by herself and totally had a great time.
Of course when Selena and I were riding on the rides and Papa had the camera, he didn’t think to get any pictures. Why is it I never can get him to take pictures of Selena and I?
Just look at how much she has grown in two years. Wow! We couldn’t leave the fair without riding the ponies. Selena got the larger pony, and faster pony. She had a lot of fun riding him.
What would the fair be without stopping and checking out as many of the animals we could. We looked at all the rabbits, chickens, and goats. We even got to see two alligators, and a beautiful wolf. I couldn’t get close enough to get pictures of the alligators or the wolf. Selena loved the wolf, and if she would have had her way she would have walked right through the crowd to get as close as she could, of course that didn’t happen.
We also had to stop and have ice cream. Selena made sure of that, she wasn’t leaving the fair without ice cream.
With our souvenir in hand we said a wonderful farewell to the fair. We will be back again maybe next year.
Our County fair might be small, but we have yet been disappointed with anything over the years of going. We look forward to many more years of attending the County Fair.
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  1. Sounds like a very nice outing. Anna would have loved a pony ride!