Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Child’s Imagination

We had a very beautiful day yesterday, finally we were able to even wear shorts! Papa trimmed one of the bushes in the back yard, and Selena had fun picking up the branches. She at first pretended to be an apple tree and made us pick her imaginary apples. Then she decided the branches looked like a Cheerleaders pompoms.



Pretty soon she spotted our yard had quite a few butterflies. She began to run around trying to get the butterflies to land on her branches. I finally suggested that maybe if she sat down really still like a tree the butterflies might just land on one of the branches.


But she got bored with that real quick.


Then she decided she wanted to be camouflaged. So we began to do just that.

DSCF0973 DSCF0972

I think the funniest thing was when she looked down and informed us that we had a coconut in our yard, we asked her to bring it to us so we could see. this is what she showed us.


The world’s smallest coconut and to think it was found in the Pacific Northwest!

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  1. How fun! Enjoy your good weather while it lasts!

  2. Ha ha, isn't it fun to see what kids can do with such simple things as tree branches?

  3. Your daughter sounds a lot like mine, she can use her imagination to invent what she needs to have fun and play. Imagination is a great thing!

    Linda, homeschooling an "only" and loving it!