Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Weekend

It was so nice to have 80 degree weather and blue skies. We took advantage of the nice weather both indoors and out. With skies like this who could stay locked up indoors the entire time?


Saturday morning I shampooed the carpets and opened up all the windows and doors to allow the carpets to dry. Then it was time to go outside. We set up Selena’s pool for her and she had a blast cooling off, getting wet and running around.


On Sunday instead of going to church, I sat out to put our house back together since the carpets were dry by this time. Selena’s room got a major overhaul. It is nice to move some of her items we’ve housed in the living room into her bedroom, where I feel she will soon discover to be a comforting place to spend some time.



Papa decided to give Selena his bookcase, so that we could get her books all in one place in her room, thinking she might discover some of the books that she has never even read yet. I also thought she might enjoy having her desk in her room, where we put all her writing paper, coloring books, some workbooks, and coloring/writing supplies.

This is the corner where all her stuffed animals and toy box use to make its home. We moved those over to the other side of the room. Now she can pick out her favorite little stuffed animals and decorate her headboard on her bed, though I am sure books will still find their way there too.

On the other side of the bed where her doll houses and other toys have always made their home, we added her play kitchen and supplies.

It has been our hope since we moved into our home to help Selena discover her room as a play area and not just for sleeping. Her bedroom in the other house was so small that there wasn’t much room for play so she always played in the living room. I am sure we will still pick up toys at the end of the day, from the living room, but am hopeful that as we have discovered her playing more in her room, the amount of toys throughout the house will become a very minimum.

I feel very accomplished this weekend, with all that we got done in the house as well as all the fun we had outside.

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  1. Good luck with that. Anna's bedroom has most of her toys, but she only plays there during playdates or during quiet times (every day from 2 to 4). Otherwise she prefers to tag along downstairs.

  2. I love her little desk. I remember having a desk as a kid and loving it.