Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a very nice 4th of July. Selena and I chose to go shopping in the early afternoon. She was so excited the day before after getting her letter making her an official Kindergartener, that she made me look at back packs with her. She picked the one out that she wanted, and so we figured we better go get it while they still had them. I have heard some say it is still early, but with school starting the end of next month one would be surprised how many mom’s were out shopping for school back packs and supplies yesterday.


Selena informed me that she was tired of Princess Disney and now that she is a “Big Girl” she wanted Hello Kitty. The back pack almost seems as big as her, or almost as if it is too big, but it is the one she chose so we will go with it.

After our rain storm that had moved through on the 3rd causing such flooding in a matter of no time we were very pleased to wake up to blue skies and warm sunny weather for the 4th. You know we wasted no time in getting outside to play.




Who needs to buy fireworks when in every direction the whole town skies light up with beautiful fireworks. We just have to wait until it is getting dark, find our staging place and watch the spectacular view. Selena was so excited this year she screamed with joy, I mean literally screamed.


A big must is to have the neighbor turn his truck around so that one little girl could get comfy and stay warm at the same time to watch the firework show.

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  1. We bought Anna a backpack last year and found out later that K students don't need backpacks in our school as they don't need to carry much back and forth. It might be different in your area though. Anna was super excited about the fireworks this year too.

  2. I felt that way about the boys backpack last year.

    I found out a year or so ago why they start back to school sales now, Arizona and a few other states start back in July.