Saturday, July 21, 2012

Best Friends


After having Pal with us for about a year and a half now it appears as though Selena and him are beginning to find their balance with each other. Pal loves to romp outside with Selena, but he has always kept his distance in the house. Not that he has ever been mean to Selena, but has never been as cuddly or warm towards her like she always wanted him to be.

Lately though we have caught him getting closer to Selena, being at her side more and more even indoors (maybe because she usually has yummy food to share). Whatever the reason it was very delightful this morning when I turned around to find this. Selena was just as delighted and content to just know that her Pal needed no prompting, just climbed up in her lap and laid there while she stroked his coat.

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  1. Awwww, I love that picture of them together.

  2. This is so very sweet. We have a dog like this... Gizmo -- in the beginning (he was a rescue) he was purely attached to my daughter and I, but over the past couple of years he has been spending a lot of time with my son and now they have a special bond. It's so much fun to watch that develop.

    I'm happy for Selena :-)

  3. Love this picture. So nice for Selena to have a live cuddle friend!