Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Weekend


We woke up to a beautiful sunny day on Saturday. No time to waste here we headed outside. We had a lot of yard work to get done since our weather has not cooperated. Papa mowed the lawn and we all chipped in for some weed pulling and general fun.

Selena just loves all the new skills she is learning on her swing set, like walking up the slide, running down the slide and jumping out of the swing. I asked her one day where she learned how to jump out of her swing, thinking maybe she had seen an older child doing this. She just informed me, “I just wanted to do it and so I did.”

One of our other projects of the day was to put Pal’s new pen up. We’ve enjoyed having him just run free on our property and he use to be so good to just stay near the house. However, here lately he thinks no body is allowed to drive up our driveway. He literally stands in the middle of the driveway and will not get out of their way. If they stop he is then jumping up on the side of the vehicle, running underneath the vehicle and being royal nuisance. We figure this started after our neighbor started stopping and giving him rides up the driveway. Out of fear of him getting hit as well as the owners getting upset as this dog won’t let them up the driveway, we have had to resort to keeping him on his leash except early morning, and late evening.


Since there are just those times when we do not want to be out walking all around with him, and times when he just want to lay outside, we constructed a pen for him. He isn’t real sure of it, but doesn’t do as bad as we thought he might. We would have used a tie out but with the neighbor dog that likes to attack him we feared this would make it very unsafe for him since he would not have anyway of getting away from that dog.

While we won’t use this pen a lot, I am sure as time goes on Pal will enjoy having an area where he is safe, can still be outside, and we will have peace of mind that he won’t get hit by a truck or attacked by a dog.

Sunday though it wasn’t raining it was cloudy and windy so our day was spent indoors being rather lazy.

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  1. It looks like a nice pen for him.

  2. You have a huge yard! I hope Pal enjoys his special place... eventually.