Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let It Rain

Yesterday it rained most of the morning and early afternoon. I have seen it rain pretty hard here but when the skies opened up and everything sounded as if it was being pounded by the water from a fire hose, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. We live on a hill, so flooding really isn’t much of an issue here. Though I have to admit in the 5 minutes that it rained so hard, we had flooding.


This is the upper part of our driveway, it looked like a good size stream as the water flowed down to the road.



We haven’t gone down into the basement yet to see how much water might be down there. We just hope the pump to prevent flooding in the basement is in working order.

In other news, Selena received her much awaited letter from her Kindergarten teacher. She will be going to A.M. Kindergarten and has a new teacher. Mrs. L lives here in Montesano, but has been teaching the last 13 years in Hoquiam. Her last position was as a 4th grade teacher, I must say I think this will be good, if anyone might have some ideas to keeping Selena challenged she probably will.

Selena was very excited to get the letter, and yelled, “YAY! I am officially in Kindergarten!”

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  1. Impressive rain! I'm glad you live on a hill :)

  2. I can't wait to see how she likes kindergarten.

  3. I am sorry it rains so much on 4th of July. Anna's K teacher used to teach upper grades too, and it was great. I hope Selena loves K!

  4. I know the feeling! We had some pretty bad flooding this past week where we live from tropical storm debby. My son is also starting Kindergarten and is super excited!

    Keri~ A momma who loves games like Hangman for kids to encourage learning!