Sunday, June 17, 2012

Selena’s New Pets


This little fellow has visited this stump every morning. We asked Selena to give him a name, she chose “Pecker”. We talked her into naming him “Woody”. We have so many birds in our yard from blue jays to pigeons. I love watching as Selena runs around the yard with her finger up in the air making bird calls thinking the birds will one day fly down and land on her finger. Wouldn’t that be a shocker if one actually did?

Friday evening Selena had a birthday party to go to. She had a lot of fun, while all the other’s were older then her, she still had a lot of fun in the games. This was also a farewell party for her “Best” friend who is leaving her grandparents to go live with her mom. She will be back to visit at times, so it isn’t like Selena will never see her again, but it was still hard for Selena.



The kids had so much fun making prom dresses out of toilet paper, popping balloons, which once again Selena was not able to break her balloon by sitting on it, and running around just having fun. Pizza, cake and ice cream always makes the party better.

We will miss you Miss T, but we know that we will be seeing you again soon. Have fun with your mom and your baby sister and take care. We love you sweetie.

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  1. It looks like summer is off to a great start!

    It's a shame her friend is moving though. We're still praying for a good solid friend like that for my boys.

  2. Selena is laughing so hard in that group picture - clearly she had a great time!