Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Week


To be totally honest our week has been a bit of a lazy week. Once the cooler rainy weather returned Selena and I spent most of the time in the house. We would try to go out if the sun peeked out for a quick walk.

The highlight though was when Selena lost her second tooth. I had noticed this second tooth was taking forever to get loose enough to pull, as well as the fact that her adult tooth had once again popped through the skin but this time further back. I figured at this point that she wasn’t getting enough pressure on that baby tooth to finish loosening it up. I told Selena she really needed to wiggle the baby tooth, I feared we might have to make a trip to the dentist to have them pull it. The other evening Selena came out with a bloody mouth and said her tooth was ready to be pulled. This tooth came out a little bit harder, but no surprise not all the roots had dissolved, so the tooth was being held in by one little root. This is something we have to watch for with her adult teeth breaking in behind the baby teeth.

The tooth fairy visited that night and left Selena $1.25 and a little polly pocket doll that had a little puppy in a purse. Again another one of my little treasures that came from McDonalds at one point in her younger age. Truly Selena was more excited over the little toy then the money, but I guess that is what it is all about giving them a little magical fun.

Selena has tired of the few cartoons that she has been allowed to watch, so her and I have been exploring some new cartoons to replace them. It so works out perfect that the times she is allowed to watch a little TV, did not have to change much to find some decent cartoons. She has now discovered the Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Tom and Jerry, and Scoobie Doo. I will tell you though some of the other cartoons that is on this particular station are very distasteful. To be honest, I already knew that this day would come, so I had already checked out all the different cartoons and yes, was very picky about it. I will say though I do miss some of the other shows she watched for their educational piece, but when only so many episodes are made, there is only so many times one can watch them.

Selena is making huge plans for Father’s Day, we have a couple of cards to make or buy what ever she decides. She wants to take Papa out for lunch after church and buy him a flower. I think I will try to talk her out of the flower, since Papa isn’t much of a flower type of guy and see if she won’t settle for buying him chocolate instead.

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  1. My James lost a tooth the other day, too -at a restaurant! He wrapped it in a napkin, and while we weren't paying attention, the waitress scooped it up and take it away.

  2. I can guess the station and I agree. Most of the shows I allow them to watch on that station are pre-recorded and they're required to fast forward through commercials because the commercials are sometimes as bad as the shows.

  3. Yay for another tooth. I wouldn't know much about cartoons as Anna doesn't watch any. She hasn't asked to watch TV in ages, but I am sure she is going to love having an iPad :)