Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday and Wild Life

We were all prepared for a day outside. Though it was cloudy and breezy we had been trapped in the house all week. We first had to wait as the Landlord mowed the lower field. Just check out his new fancy lawnmower, since he broke his other.


We had fun and some great laughs as he maneuvered this around in some of the tighter areas. When he gets his real lawnmower fixed, I will have to get some pictures of him on it. It truly is a kick to watch him running around as fast as he can fly on it.

OK he got done mowing, we were once again getting ready to head outside when I looked up and discovered a couple of visitors in our lower field. I told Selena we would have to wait until they left.

DSCF0812 They acted like they were trapped unsure how to get out of the lower pasture. It was fun to watch as they roamed up and down the fence line. We began to think we might have to go open the gate, though we knew since they jumped the fence to get in this area they certainly could jump the fence to get out. They were in here for nearly 20 minutes before they jumped the fence.


We figured they were moving on through our yard and would soon be on their way to the back field so we could get outside. They had other ideas though.


They both decided to settle down for a rest. They stayed in our yard for over 2 hours. Selena finally started playing with her little people, stating “It’s OK we will go play when they leave, since we have to share the yard with them too.” As she waited she was getting a bit irritated that they wouldn’t leave. Finally they did make their way on out of our yard and Selena joined Papa outside for some fun as well as a little weed pulling.

DSCF0853 DSCF0854

While our time outside was cut short due to all the morning and afternoon interruptions we did end up having a lot of fun. Now if only we could get some warm and sunny weather we would all be very happy.

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  1. How fun to have this wildlife visitors! Great pictures too!

  2. I used to love our ride on lawnmower when I was a kid.

  3. I noticed you were doing the Readathon and I wanted to stop by and invite you to link up your Children Book inspired post (New or Old) in our 6 Week Summer Reading Adventure
    Have a great week!