Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outdoor Fun

We have had a couple days now where the weather hasn’t been too bad, well at least it hasn’t been too cold or raining, so we were able to get outside for some fun time. I do have to say though that Selena almost missed out on any outside time on Sunday. It seems that we have a little drama queen in our midst. For a little girl who has never been one to throw fits, she made up for the 5 years in one day. To be honest it was about all I could do to not laugh, seriously, as she stood there stomping her feet waving her fists and crying. They were all short lived and a quick time out in the bedroom to reinforce the need to change our attitude would bring an apologetic Selena out, well, until the next episode.

DSCF0862 Once outside Selena enjoyed playing her guitar, swinging on her swing, and using her imagination to travel all over the world, being all sort of different characters. She has really loved having me set the stop watch on my phone so that she can run laps around the house to see if she can beat her time, of course with each lap around the house she slows down more and more. She has fun though, then has to resort to her favorite stump for a rest.


Yesterday, we spent a good part of the day outside. Selena played T Ball, played on her swing, and crawled through the mud puddle. At one point she was right behind me. When I turned around she was gone. I looked all over and even looked in the house. Finally the neighbor came out to help me look for her. He finally spotted her playing hide and seek.


She had crawled inside this tree and was hiding from me. It was at this point that we had to have that little talk that one can’t play hide and seek without letting the other person know that is the game we are playing. Also that it is very important that when Grandma is calling out one little girl does need to answer. I knew she couldn’t be far since she had just been behind me, but still I must admit it did scare me a bit when we couldn’t find her.

The rains are to return once again, so we will be looking for more indoor activities to occupy our time with.

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  1. Great pictures. We are having a hot spell, and I am very grateful for having a pool to go to. Selena and Anna probably attended the same drama school for 5 year olds without telling us.

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  3. That stump is HUGE!

    Princess was at that school too. Oh the drama of a 5 year old girl!