Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Week

I would be lying if I said our week has not been a rollercoaster of emotions, but we are truly getting through day by day and are beginning to get back to normal. Now if only our summer would get here, we are wanting to get outside so bad. COME ON SUMMER!

Selena went back to the dentist on Monday but she was to nervous to use the magic air nose with the tubes attached, so she didn’t get the sealants put on her teeth. We will wait 6 months and see if she is ready then. She is waiting for her second loose tooth to get loose enough that we can pull it. Once again the adult tooth has broke through the skin behind it. I have to remind her to wiggle her tooth so that we can try to get it loose enough to pull.

Junior is happy in his foster home. I wish I could share the pictures with all of you that I got yesterday. He looks so happy. He loves books! In most of the pictures as he sat among the toys he also had quite a pile of books around him with his nose buried in one. They report that he loves to be read to, and I can already see where he will love to read just like Selena. He has finally added Mama to his vocabulary since he has been in the foster home. They do want to put him in speech therapy to try to kick start the speech. We are sure that this is just from lack of his parents attention and lack of interaction with them and not a learning disability. Foster mom reports he is a fast learner and very smart.

Selena and I have had fun looking through many of the books that our neighbor gave her, some are text books from one of the local schools. Geography related books still are her favorite, and I have enjoyed having her look at the pictures of the maps and of earth and explaining everything she remembers from many of our lessons. We are also having fun watching as she acts out the stories in all of her story books.

We did receive some fabulous news that our son will be coming for a visit, just too bad that Michael will be away on business when he comes. It will be nice though to spend some time with my son. Also sometime this month my brother is suppose to come by to spend a day with us. I am looking forward to so much family time this month.

On a few rough spots, Selena has to go say goodbye to her best friend as she is returning home to live with her mom (her best friend spent the past three years living with her grandparents). Selena has had many struggles with understanding what is going on with her brother. She has so many questions but we tackle them one by one. It was a huge relief to her to see the pictures, her first words were, “Junior is so happy in his new home, and look he loves books just like me.”

We sure hope that next week we get some sun breaks and can get outside and enjoy some nature.

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  1. I hope all goes well. I am a bit confused. Selena is going to go live with her Mom?

  2. It must be so hard for Selena to process everything that is going on, but perhaps it's going to be easier for her to realize that her Mom is simply not mature enough to take care of children, and that's why both she and her brother will be raised by loving adults who will take good care of them. (((Hugs)))

  3. I could send you some of our hot weather........

    My boys didn't really talk until almost 2 years old, and it was just they didn't want to. So, it could just be not wanting to (for lack of a better description).

  4. I hope you have some nice weather and happy days. I'm sure this is all so difficult for Selena. Reagan has a friend moving away too, her family is moving back to Alabama. They plan on being pen pals and that has helped a lot.