Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Week


Our week started out with a very nice Father’s Day, before we had to say goodbye to Grandpa as he left for a business trip. While we didn’t want him to go, and knew we would miss him, we were also very excited for a visit from Uncle T.J. and his girl friend. Selena spent the first day and evening playing, talking and reading to both T.J. and Marie. Marie is studying to be a teacher and she tried to tell Kristi if she would work hard through the summer on her hand writing she could end up skipping Kindergarten and going into First grade. I am not sure that would be a bad thing but I am also not sure it would be a good thing either.

We also decided to play around with some carnations. Selena wanted to turn a white carnation into a blue one, like she had seen in the blog world.


We purchased a white carnation and I put it in a vase with blue food coloring in it. Then we waited to see what would happen. In the meantime Selena was sure we could turn a yellow carnation green by doing the same thing. One more trip to the store to purchase a yellow carnation and we were off to see what would happen.


Our end results:


Selena was a little surprised that the yellow carnation turned blue instead of green, which has opened up a whole new box of questions that we will have to investigate. I really wanted to dig in deeper with this during the process, but with all the activities of the week, we just didn’t get back to our investigations.

Science Sunday
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  1. The carnation demonstration is a favorite!

  2. I'm guessing that the yellow didn't mix with the blue, so it didn't get a chance to turn green. That would be my guess.

  3. Sounds like a great week for Selena. I don't think that it would make sense for her to skip K though, as she needs to get used to a different structure. It took Anna a few months to figure out expectations and the whole school routine.

  4. I have yet to do that carnation experiment with the kids. I have to make a point to do it soon. I think I agree with Natalie about skipping Kindergarten. So much of the school year is about adjusting to school.