Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Week

We had a couple of nice days this week, but these were the days that we had the pipe from our well to the pump  house replaced. It then took two days for our landlord to have the entire driveway power washed, so that he could have someone come out to give him an estimate on repairing or re black topping the entire driveway.

We did take advantage of a few hours to go out and play, get some much needed weeding done (since we have had so much rain some of the weeds were taller then Selena) and enjoy the fresh air. There are always those moments when you wish you had your camera on you at all times, especially when I turned around to find Selena with her arm stuck down a critter hole clear up to her shoulder. We are not sure what type of critter made the hole, a snake maybe. I guess you know we had a long conversation as to why this is not a very good idea to be exploring such holes.

We are beginning a new bedtime routine which has been very fun. I have always read Selena a bed time story. Here lately though she is enjoying sharing the reading with me, or reading the entire book to me. We also took advantage of our time indoors to go through our books and have a huge box of books that Selena has chose to send to her brother, well to the foster family who has him. Many of the books were a bit hard for her to part with, but as she looked at the pile and thought it over she actually went and found more books to add to the package.

We are now suppose to have humid, wet weather through the 4th then it is suppose to return to more of a summer pattern. We certainly hope this is the case as we are all in desperate need for warm sunny weather.

Selena did enjoy her indoor time with working on her handwriting, reading, and at times happy for the thought of going to school, while also having her doubts that she wants to go at all. Like any Kindergartner though preparing for that first day, there are always excitement as well as the nervous, “I will be afraid.”

We, well, Papa and I are looking forward to him going to 4 10s with three days off, to think we will actually have a full half day alone after school starts. We will truly look forward to when Selena starts first grade, and we have a full day to ourselves. I totally feel Papa himself is going to enjoy having three days off since he is always complaining his weekends go too fast.

Hopefully as I stated earlier on, we will get our nice weather and will once again get some fun pictures to share.

We wish all of you a Happy 4th!

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  1. It's understandable that Selena is having all kinds of feelings about school, but she is going to enjoy it when she is there, and so will you :) Happy 4th of July!