Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where Did Time Go?


It seems like just yesterday you were still just a little girl. We went to bed and suddenly awoke this morning to discover you grew into a big girl with a missing tooth. While yes, grandma knew this was going to happen it still did not make it any easier when suddenly you changed before her very eyes.

These little firsts that we have shared with you always come with such joy, but at the same time a little sadness in knowing that this is one more step in your growing up. Just shy of 5 and 1/2 years old, I am now looking at such a grown up little girl. Your ready for some huge changes now, Kindergarten in the fall, a new adventure in your independence, and even a few more responsibilities.

Both Grandma and Grandpa are so over joyed to watch you grow, to watch these small but yet huge changes occur but one thing you need to know you will always be our little girl, our baby Selena.

Congratulations on loosing your first baby tooth! We love you very much!

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  1. The toothless grin is always the cutest part.

  2. What an exciting milestone! We are nowhere close to losing teeth. Anna's teeth came late, so we expect them to stay put until she is 6.