Thursday, May 17, 2012


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Selena really enjoys being the catcher. We are down now to where she could be the catcher for the rest of the season. Everyone has had their chance and since Selena seems to be the only one who truly enjoys this position she could play the rest of the season here. There is one other boy who doesn’t mind being catcher, but he also loves first base and makes a great first baseman. It is fun to watch how the kids have found their favorite positions on the field.

Selena really hit the ball so well last night. She hit it good and hard right up the center of the field, then beat it out at first base. All her practice here at home has sure been paying off. She is becoming quite the little player. Sure she still has her moments of playing in the dirt, or picking flowers, but they all do. The most important thing is the fact that she is having fun and truly enjoying the game.

The season is about to wind down with only a few games left into next month. Selena will miss the game, but we do look forward to next year when she will transfer over to T Ball with the girls on the Softball teams.

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  1. So, she's gonna switch over to the softball teams next year? She'll enjoy that.

  2. It is wonderful that she enjoys it so much. Sounds like you like it, too!

  3. The season seems to be so short! It's great that Selena is enjoying the game.