Friday, May 25, 2012

Selena’s Dental Appointment

I was very proud of Selena at the Dentist yesterday. She allowed them to do ex-rays. Selena actually thought that was cool to see her big girl teeth, especially the one that is making her second tooth “Waddly”. She actually made it through a full cleaning and fluoride treatment. I give a lot of credit to the new hygienist they  have in the office. We really liked her, she was very good with Selena.

Selena goes back next week now for sealants to be put on her 6 year molars that she has already cut. They sent her home with a magic air nose to practice with so she won’t be so afraid of the mask for the nitrous oxide.

It truly makes me feel so proud to know that Selena loves to take care of her teeth as well as she does. Keep up the great work Selena!

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  1. Way to go Selena!

    A good dental hygenist really does make all the difference

  2. Good for her! Anna loves going to the dentist too - they have cartoons going over a dentist's chair :)