Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday Fun

Saturday was the nicest day of our Memorial Weekend. We woke up to quite a thick layer of Marine air or gray but once the sun finally burned through it we had a pleasant warm day. One of the constants in Selena’s life is our neighbor, they adore each other and spend a lot of time together when we are outside. They take a lot of nature walks, talk, and Selena teaches him many things such as baby trees are not called baby trees but saplings, to how bees make honey. As he says “Selena is always correcting everything I say, and teaches me things I never knew.”


I think the relationship between these two has been one of the best things that has happened for Selena. She is learning to respect the adults in her life besides just Papa and myself. I remember having that one person in my life, that special grandfather figure that just meant the world to me when I was Selena’s age. The one that will listen, talk, teach, and just take that special time to make my day brighter. This relationship I feel is especially special and important for Selena, since we are her grandparents, and she isn’t like most children who live with their parents and have that grandparent/granddaughter relationship.


This relationship is also good for him, he is alone, though his daughter is nearby, instead of being lonely, he has something to look forward to. Here they are coming back from a very long walk up the road.


Introducing his cat Brat. Selena enjoys visiting with Brat, and helping him take Brat for walks. We have now discovered though that this cat has learned how to open the slider door, that is not just the screen door, but the glass door as well.


What do you think Selena is doing here? Well, she is pretending to be Brat, hiding in the tall grass. At first I didn’t see her and thought she took off around the other side of the house, then suddenly I spied where she was.

DSCF0766 DSCF0777
DSCF0763 DSCF0769

Just a few random pictures of some of the beauty we get to see everyday. From old wagon wheels, to so many different colored flowers, to all the horses. These two pictures are the paints, that are in the back field. The first one was being camera shy, but he has the most beautiful white face and blue eyes. The second one “Joker” is the oldest of all the horses up here, nearly 80 years old in human years about 30 years old in horse years.


Then we have the famous Emma who is in the front pasture and is known by everyone in the neighborhood.

Now we have cooler, cloudy and wet weather for the rest of our long weekend. We did enjoy having at least one lovely day to get out and play.

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  1. How awesome that Selena has a special adult friend. I agree with you - it's very important.

  2. That move has really turned out to be a good one!