Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun Game

I was tagged by Natalie at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns for a “get to know each other game”.

The Rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.


I’m not known to be in front of the camera much, but have been trying a little bit more lately. I have never liked to have my picture taken. The only real professional photo shoot I have ever had was for my senior pictures, thank goodness they touched them up. Just kidding they were very good.

I am a country girl at heart, and am happy to be living where we are. I enjoy watching the horses everyday, and love to smell all the aromas of living on a farm.

I’ve always been more of a tom boy, and though it seemed at first that Selena was going to be my girly girl, I am very happy to see her enjoying sports, and as comfortable getting dirty as the boys. She still enjoys the dresses and pretty things, so that just makes her a more complete little girl.

The first time Papa asked me to marry him, I actually told him no. The extra time it took for me to finally say yes, was well worth it, and I am so happy to be married to him.

I have a very sensitive side to me, and can tear up over the fondest memory from my childhood or of someone I love.

I’ve been called a penny pincher, to being too tight with my money, I like to think I am just thrifty and resourceful making every penny count.

I use to decorate cakes, wedding cakes mostly. The largest cake I ever decorated was for my nieces wedding, a 7 tier cake with blueberry filling.

My favorite farm animal is a cow in fact I have quite an extensive cow collection. I also collect glass shoes and tea sets

I always wanted to be a homemaker, mother and wife. I never really dreamed of any other career.

I am really more mechanically inclined then Papa is and am just as comfortable with tools in my hands as I am with cooking in the kitchen.

I always wanted to write a book, a novel but have never really sat down to take the time to even start.

Natalie’s Questions:

1. Why do you blog? I blog to share the joys of raising Selena. My blog is truly my journal to all the fun we have together.

2. How often do you feel guilty feeling that you could be doing more with your children? I think this is a common feeling for most parents to have. When I do feel this way, I remember all the things I do offer my child and realize I can only do what I can do.

3. What is your favorite childhood memory? This is a tough question, I have so many very good memories, I think though my favorite memory was being at my dads side as we walked through the mountains picking berries, telling stories, and taking in all the nature around us.

4. How many siblings do you have and did it affect your decisions on the number of children you wanted to have? I am the youngest of 5. I have three older brothers and 1 older sister who has passed away. I always had a desire to have three children. I only had two, so I guess in a way by now raising Selena I got my wish for three children. I don’t know that my family size had anything to do with why I wanted three children, it just seemed like the perfect number for me.

5. How did you choose your career? As I stated above, I just always knew I wanted to be a homemaker, mother, and wife. My mother worked for as many years as I can remember, and if I wasn’t in school I was always at the neighbors, where mom’s didn’t work. I think that had a huge influence on my decision to stay home.

6. If you could change one choice you made, what would that be? I don’t think I would change anything. I believe that all our choices rather good or bad, so long as we walk away learning something from these choices build our character and who are now.

7. Name three skills you would want your children to have 1. The ability to take care of themselves. 2. The ability to care and love others. 3. To fully have an appreciation for the world around them.

8. If you got $1000 to spend right now, what would you buy? If I got $1000 right now I would definitely be on the road to go meet my grandson. While there I would love to take my grandchildren to Silverwood.

9. I think all three of my picks are stay-at-home moms. Do you consider going back to work? If so, why? I really don’t think of going back to work, though I realize that a day may come when I might have to return to the work force when Papa decides to retire. Time will tell though.

10. Do you have a favorite pick-me-up song? What is it? I can’t say I have one favorite pick-me-up song. I love music, so most any music I might be listening to at any given time can lift my spirits.

11. Do you blog on schedule or when inspiration strikes? I use to blog on schedule, I blogged every day. I have since become an inspirational blogger and blog just when I feel I have something to share.

My Questions:

I have spent some time hopping from blog to blog to discover that most of the people I was thinking of tagging has already been tagged. I know the rules say to tag bloggers, but instead I am going to just ask some questions to all of you. If you have been tagged but would like to address one of my questions please do so either by posting your answer on your blog or in my comments. If you haven’t been tagged and would like to participate in this fun get to know me game then please do so, I only ask that you leave me a comment so I can come by and get to know you.

1. What is one thing you learned from your parents that you hope to pass on to your children?

2. How did your education experience influence your choice to either homeschool or public/private school your children?

3. When you look at your child or children what traits of yourself do you see in them, do you find it a good trait or a trait you wish could be changed?

4. How do you come up with great creative ideas for teaching?

5. Do you ever feel that children are being pushed to hard at such young ages to learn instead of just being children?

6. If you could go back and start your family over again is there anything you would change about how you are raising them, or educating them?

7. How much worldly affairs do you think is appropriate for your children to know, such as everything in the news, the ugly things we see in society?

8. Who if anyone has inspired you the most to be who you are today, rather it be a stay at home mom, or a career mom?

9. What role does your spouse play in the education piece of your children?

10. What are your views on organized sports, do you think they help or hurt a child in the long run, (self esteem talking)?

11. If you homeschool how would you handle the situation if your child suddenly wanted to go to public school, and refused to homeschool? If you send your child to public/private school how would you handle the situation if your child suddenly wanted to be homeschool, and stopped performing in school?

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, and getting to know a little more about you!

    For question number 1: One thing I learned from my parents was to spend time every day in the Word. Whenever I'd get up early as a child, I'd find my mother at the kitchen table with her Bible open - that really made an impression, and it's one I'd like to pass along to my children, too.

  2. Such thought provoking questions..........

    Let's see, as to children being pushed too hard. Yes, I think they are. It's amazing how tired and cranky some of them are, and I think it's because they're being run ragged with all of the things they are doing at school/home/sports/etc........

    Do I think there is value in organized sports? Yes, if it's what the child wants. I think parents who force a kid who has ZERO interest into a sport are just shooting themselves in the foot. Now if the kid wants to sign up and then asks to quit in the middle of a commitment, that's a different matter.

    I loved learning more about you, these are always some of my favorite types of posts because I can learn a little more about the person behind the computer.

  3. Great post, Debbie, and some really good questions! I'll tackle #3:
    3. When you look at your child or children what traits of yourself do you see in them, do you find it a good trait or a trait you wish could be changed? Ironically, I see both. In fact, I am amused and terrified to see how much my daughter is like me - both in her appearance and in her positive and negative traits. When I see a negative trait, I always fight between trying to nip it in the bud and reminding myself that I turned out OK despite having this flaw.