Monday, May 28, 2012



I have always been fascinated with the Killdeer bird. We use to love how they would build their nests in the middle of my Father-in-law’s driveway, then when we would drive in and out of the driveway they would run and flutter about in an attempt to lead us away from their nest. Smart little birds though would always have their nest just in the right spots where we would not run them over.

I have been watching the Killdeer in our yard all Spring. I knew they had a nest someplace in the front of our house, but had not been able to spot just where. I have had fun watching them trying to divert the horse away from their nest whenever she got to close, and of course our dog has had fun chasing after them.

Yesterday, as I went to get pictures of yet another color of flowers in our yard.


I happened to glance over and guess what I found?


Yes, that is the Killdeer nest, with one single egg in it. This is why the nests are so hard to find since the eggs look so much like the rocks around them. Selena never really did spot the egg, but that is OK she can look at the pictures. She doesn’t need to know exactly where it is. She doesn’t need to be disturbing it. Now I am excited and anxious to watch as this egg hatches.

I love the way they protect their nest. Our dog was outside and of course he knows they are there. The male bird jumped into action and ran down the driveway to try to get Pal to chase  him.


While he was the diversion and the attention was on him, the female bird made her way out into the pasture and acted as if she was injured to make another distraction.


In the meantime as an attempt to create another diversion the male bird made a couple of swoops over the top of our dog and came to rest not far from the female and the nest, waiting to make a move if needed to get Pal to chase him if needed.


It was at this point that Pal just gave up and headed in the other direction. Nature at it’s best, and a great opportunity for Selena to learn all about it, first hand.

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  1. I'd forgotten about them and how they worked so hard to protect their young. It's been a while since we studied birds, and we don't have any here that I know of.

    They do look a little like our mockingbirds, but that's about it.