Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heavy Heart


We often say or hear “My heart bleeds for….” well if you could see my heart I think it would be bleeding the shade of red in these flowers. I know I have shared some things with you or some of you that is going on with my grandson. I know I have shared about my grandson with all of you.

My heart bleeds for the information I learned yesterday in a 2 hour meeting with Child Protective Services. Most of what they had to say I already knew about, there were some surprises that I didn’t know about. My heart bleeds knowing this isn’t over with yet, and until it is he has to live in the conditions that brought CPS involvement into his parents lives.

It should be coming to an end here soon, and we are praying that he is removed and placed in a good loving home. We have picked a family there near where he is now, that we feel will be a good fit for him. Yes, we were asked to take him ourselves, but we realistically can not do another child.

I ask that you keep Jr in your thoughts and prayers, that the State and their attorneys can work quickly to remove him. He deserves a better home environment.

This has been weighing very heavy on our hearts, and I suppose it has affected my blogging. I admit I haven’t been a great blogger these days, barely posting, and not taking the time to come and visit my favorite blogs. I promise once this is over I will get back on schedule. I miss reading all that you are doing and our friendship, believe me I have truly been torn at times, but I know that life and my grandson needs my attention right now, and that all of you understand that. I am very grateful to have all of you in my life, and truly would appreciate all the prayers you can muster for this situation. Thank you!

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  1. I've been missing you too, and praying for you. I know this has to be destroying you because you can't be there for him like you were for Selena. I'll keep praying for you.

  2. The door of friendship is always open to you here, even when circumstances take you away - I'm still praying.

  3. We have been missing you, but I do hope you know that we are always here for you. Hopefully he will soon be in a home that wants to take care of him. Our prayers are with you all.

  4. I am sorry that you have to go through this yet again, Debbie. My thoughts are with you, and I am hoping that this ordeal is over, and your grandson will find good home.

  5. I am so sorry. I think about you often and I have wondered how things were going. I hope everything works out for the best.