Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend Part 2

Sunday ended up being even nicer then Saturday was. We were looking at 70 degree weather, no wind, blue skies, pure warm sun. We thought we would take Selena down to the river for a day of walking the trails, playing a little catch, do some batting practice, and playing on all the fancy playground equipment. We headed out with lunch and all.


This is the first little playground at Friend’s Landing. We wanted to hit the trails before doing much more. Selena got a bit confused thinking we would head up the one trail right behind the slide. She took off running only to find herself in a swampy grassy area back where the white frame is sitting in the upper left hand corner of this photo. Of course she fell and got her pants soaked. She was not a happy camper at that point, and with wet feet, wet pants, she fell a couple of times on the gravel and skinned her knees. Unfortunately before we could even pull anything out of the car we had to load in and come home. I did however get a couple of pictures that definitely identify our Spring as being here.


Once home and Selena changed her clothes, we had our lunch then retreated outside to play in the sun in our own yard. She did have a lot of fun riding her bike, playing on her own swing set and running all around her own yard. She thought it was pretty cool to see two Para gliders flying in the distance. What kid wouldn’t think that was cool.


Just as we returned back in the house to begin dinner, Selena looked out and yelled there is my team. Sure enough some of her T Ball team was at practice. We didn’t know they were going to practice today, so unfortunately we missed out.


She wasn’t the only one that missed practice as there were quite a few that were not there. She was a bit disappointed and wanted us to just take her down that minute. We would have, but by this time and considering all the sun we had soaked up we were pretty tired, and quite hungry. We told her not to fret about it, to take her mind off it Papa jumped up and began to play catch with her in the house. One thing I love about our house, move about three pieces of furniture and we have plenty of room to practice T Ball with a waffle ball. It comes in handy on the rainy days. We will have to remember and ask the coach at Wednesday’s game about the practice schedule now that they are playing games.

I would have to say all and all our weekend was great, we so enjoyed the sun, but also know that by Wednesday our rains are suppose to return. We really would have loved to spent the day at the beach but unfortunately the tide was working against us. It truly is no fun to go to the beach when high tide will be around 2:30 p.m. That doesn’t leave much beach to play on. Boy though it would have been a very beautiful beach day!
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  1. Sorry that your hike was cut short, but at least you had plenty of time to play outside. Our weekend was scorching hot, and I am glad to return to more seasonable weather...

  2. Sounds like your coach has some communication problems. GROWL.

    But, I'm glad she had fun playing outside even if it wasn't the project you had intended.