Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Week so Far

After such a beautiful weekend out rains have returned. Selena was suppose to have a game yesterday but unfortunately it was rained out. She was a bit disappointed but we are hoping the coaches can reschedule the game for this weekend.

Selena and I have spent the rainy days playing, reading, and practicing our writing. Selena is now to the point where she can read almost anything I present to her. Her ability to sound out and pronounce new words continues to improve and sometimes amazes me. I am very pleased with our curriculum and the skills that Selena is mastering, my only regret is that I didn’t buy the next level at the same time.

The other morning Selena was excited over seeing a doe running up the sidewalk in front of our house. We are now enjoying watching the birds carrying nesting material to build their nests, and are thrilled to know that we have baby birds in the nest at the corner of Selena’s bedroom again this year. Selena loves to watch the blue jays as they roam through the yard looking for bugs. I am enjoying watching as all my shrubs are beginning to blossom and bloom. Since this is our first official Spring and Summer in our house it is interesting to see just what plants and wild life we have around us.

We are hoping to make it to our homeschool group’s park play this week. Of course that will depend on the rain. I will have to keep you posted on if this event was able to take place, I will also get pictures to share.

All and all though we miss the sunshine our week has been very fun, interesting, and jammed packed with learning opportunities.

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  1. Sounds like a good week. I hope you will make it to a homeschooling get together. How many families do you know who homeschool?

  2. I was worried your rain had made it to us this morning - but after a initial down pour it moved on by. Horray for Selena's reading! It's so exciting when they really start to take off with it.