Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Weekend

After so much rain this past week, it was a very pleasant surprise to awake to such a beautiful sunny day. All the Little League games up to now have been cancelled due to rain. While these were the other teams games that were rained out, it was a relief that Selena got to play her second game, The White Sox vs. The Red Sox.
A little practice before the game. The kids all enjoy warming up with playing catch with one another. It really is fun to watch how this team has developed from hardly talking to one another to now looking forward to playing catch, a lot of laughter, and encouraging going on.
After getting the ball Selena prepared to throw it over to first base. She has a good straight arm on her, just needs a tad bit more power behind it.
What would T Ball be without stopping to pick the flowers? No this isn’t just a girl thing, the boys were picking just as many as Selena was. The funny thing though is that Selena didn’t want to put the flower down to catch and throw the ball.
Ready to bat that ball. We get a kick out of how many of the boys just love to use Selena’s purple bat. At first Selena use to get a wee bit upset, but now she realizes it is all about sharing.
Yep, Selena is on first base and of course she still insisted on playing in the gravel, but not as bad as she did last Sunday.
They play only 2 innings, and every player gets to bat and play in the outfield. It is so cute and fun to watch these young children having fun, getting confused, running the wrong way, picking the flowers, but mostly having fun.
A quick update on Selena: Her eye is fine now. Thank goodness there was no injury to it. As for what they thought was asthma, Selena is going on her second week without a single treatment. I believe what they thought was asthma was her still trying to get over the bronchitis, especially considering how long it took me to get over it. She has been doing great without treatments, so we’ve just stopped them all.
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  1. I'm glad she's doing better little kid sports always amuse me

  2. I am glad Selena is doing better. I was watching kids playing soccer today in the park during a birthday party - it's still mostly running around kicking the ball to each other. I know a lot of adults that had a really bad recurring bronchitis this winter, it must have been some really nasty virus going around. I am glad to hear you are over it now.