Wednesday, April 4, 2012

101 Questions

It wasn’t long this morning after we woke up and had breakfast that the crew came to trim the trees from the power lines. I knew yesterday that they were going to be here but had not said anything to Selena. I knew it would upset her if she knew they were going to remove one tree. The questions of course began as soon as the trucks arrived. Selena spun off with “Why, What, more Whys, What for and How come?”


Our view before they started. I love the three trees at the end of our field. I must admit I was pretty disappointed when I heard that they were going to remove one of these beautiful trees. To think they really wanted to remove all of them, I am so glad that request was met with a No Way!



Of course we had so many questions about them removing the limbs from the tree. Selena even asked if it hurt the tree? Was the tree crying? Then she resorted to watching the entire process of the tree being cut down. She asked about the chain saw, she even could see the wedge that the man used to prevent the trunk from splitting. It was at this point I was glad my dad and his dad had been loggers, so I had the answers to her questions, instead of having to look them up.





Of course Selena watched as the trunk of the tree kept getting shorter and shorter. Then she really got upset when they started trimming the rest of the trees. I assured her that they were not taking the other two out. We also talked about why they have to trim them away from the power lines. I will truly miss this tree and I think Selena will too. I hope the trees shape themselves out soon, as now I feel like they really spoiled our view.


Now they continue to work on up the street. I wonder how many more trees will be taken totally down instead of just being trimmed. To be honest I don’t like it one bit, I loved the way our street looked with all the trees that lined the side, but I understand why they have to do this. It still makes me a wee bit sad.

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  1. Oh that would be sad to see it go down, but I agree it was a cool opportunity to learn something. We had to trim the tree in our backyard a bunch last year and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever.

  2. I totally understand you and Selena. I hate watching trees cut down. At least when the city removes trees in our neighborhood (dead or the ones where roots endanger water lines), they immediately plant a brand new tree instead.