Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Keeps Trying

We woke up yesterday morning and while it was cloudy it was not raining. Since I just bought a batting T for Selena I felt it was a good time to get outside and get some batting practice in. After showing her a few tips, you know how hard it is to bat with a little child’s bat, she went to work mastering her batting. I must admit she did very well, probably better then I expected. The most important part though was we both had so much fun and did a lot of laughing.


According to the weather report I heard in the morning the weather was suppose to get windy and start raining in the afternoon, but instead it ended up being a very pleasant day. Selena was able to go back out and show Papa her skills and play a little catch with him when he got home. She was so proud of her accomplishment at bat, and kept reminding Papa that “Grandma taught me!” I think it is hilarious that these kids just assume that Grandma doesn’t know how to play ball.

We did take some time to again look for new signs of Spring. I noticed the other day that there are daffodils along the highway, so yes, our Spring is trying to make it’s way. We did however observe a lot of birds in the yard, more robins, and sparrows.

DSCF0490 DSCF0486


I would like to say that our nice weather is here to stay, but we know there is more rain in the forecast. Although at this point next week is suppose to be really nice. We sure hope so, we are so wanting to just get outside and have some fun. I am so ready to hit the hiking trails, but of course it will be a while yet as I am sure they are still pretty muddy.

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  1. I hope good weather will stay, so Selena can practice more. We had some rainy weather here too lately. I hope it's good tomorrow, because Anna's class is going on a field trip to a farm.

  2. Just like Moms don't know how to do anything either..........

    Silly kids......