Friday, April 6, 2012

So Not Ready For Easter


This is about as close to Easter colors you are seeing in my house so far this year. Easter has snuck up on us so quickly that I haven’t even pulled out any of my Easter decorations. While my ham is already purchased waiting to be baked for our Easter dinner, we’ve yet to even color any Easter eggs. Believe it or not I haven’t even purchased Selena’s Easter dress or anything for an Easter basket. Well, I take that back we already told her that the rest of the equipment we purchased for T-Ball is her Easter.

On another note though I did interview a very nice young lady today for an occasional babysitter. I wish we would have found her earlier, I really was impressed and Selena really liked her. She is a Senior in High School with plans on going off to college next fall. She even babysits over night. At least we will get to have her babysit for us until she leaves. I already asked if she has any friends who might be interested in babysitting after she leaves to let me know. I felt very comfortable when I found out she babysits for quite a few acquaintances. Papa and I are looking forward to dinner out this Saturday.

I am sure Selena and I will get the place ready for Easter before Sunday, including some Easter crafts and egg decorating. I am sure we will have the plastic eggs hid for Selena to find when she wakes up on Sunday morning, and we will attend Easter Service. We will share all that we do soon. 

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  1. We have the dresses - but I still have to iron them all :( I'm glad you found a good baby sitter - that's like finding a deposit of diamonds!

  2. Enjoy your date night! We've recently found a perfect babysitter for us too, and love her.

    We haven't done much either.

  3. This year we started on all Easter prep early, because we like a decorated house. I don't blame you though - there was a lot of sickness in your house :( I hope Selena enjoys getting the house ready!