Friday, March 2, 2012

We Love Play Dates

Figuring it was time to have another play date with Selena’s best friend. We picked another very nice day and headed outside to play a little ball. I surprised Selena and her friend when I was able to catch the baseball with a baseball mitt. I guess grandmas are not suppose to be able to do that.

Things were getting a little dull as the evening progressed. I finally decided to liven things up a bit by building them a nice fort to play in.



They had so much fun watching imaginary movies, playing imaginary games, laughing and at one point one would think that we had little monkeys in the house. Doesn’t take much to keep these two girls having fun. I will leave you with one more cute picture of them laughing hysterically.


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  1. Forts always make things better. Great pictures!

  2. They look so happy. Sounds like you had some great open-ended activities planned for them!

  3. Friends are SO important to our little ones even when they keep asking for us to be their playmates.

  4. So cute. We love play dates too!