Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

We had to do something to celebrate one of Selena’s favorite authors. I asked her to pick out her favorite Dr. Seuss book. She picked out Dr. Seuss ABC book.


This is one of the very first Dr. Seuss books that Selena learned to read independently. Being just about 2 years old when she could read most of this book by herself, was when we discovered we had a natural reader. Her reading has continued to thrive and Dr. Seuss has been a huge contributor in her reading experience.

What would a birthday celebration be without party hats? I gave Selena white, and red construction paper. She had to do all the cutting and gluing to create the Cat’s Hat, from The Cat in the Hat.


Then she had to glue them to the white paper.


I then cut out the full shape of the hat, and Selena of course wanted to wear it. With a little modification to the weight and a hand to hold it up Selena proudly wore her hat, held her book and wished Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday!


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  1. So super cute! I love her holding up that hat.

  2. Cute craft! I completely forgot to check our Community Center - they had a big celebration of Dr Seuss last year. Maybe next year!