Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taking School Outside

Yesterday was one of those hit and miss days for being outside, but we took advantage of the times we could get out. Selena is really wanting to learn how to take pictures with my new camera, while I am leery of just letting her randomly run around with it, I have chose to set her up with different situations and let her try.


She thought this was a fun picture to take, she was laying on the ground actually trying to get a picture of the buds on this plant, but the sky ended up looking so awesome from this view point. This also shows the type of day we were dealing with. It was warm as long as the sun was out, but once it disappeared behind the clouds it got a bit chilly.


Of course she insisted on taking a picture of me. I guess you will be seeing a lot more of me on my blog.


Selena climbed into this tree, just to get a picture of how the branches contorted all over the place.


When she stood up, I thought it was so cute to see her peeking through the branches.

We then moved on to some exploration. Then of course some play time.


DSCF0408 DSCF0409

At first Selena thought this little plant looked way to prickly to touch, once I convinced her to feel it she discovered it was actually soft.



Even though our time outside was short, we enjoyed every minute of it. I am so loving seeing all the Spring changes, along with watching Selena explore and seeing things through her eyes.

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  1. Those are the hardest days because it looks like you can be outside, but you really can't.

    She took some great shots!

  2. Great pictures! I love the moments when Anna grabs my camera, but she never photographs people - just objects. I guess we are too boring to be photographed.

  3. She is doing a great job too!