Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Week


We had big intentions to dig in and study this week. Unfortunately I am still struggling with my bronchitis. The doctor said I will just have to let it run it’s course. Our nice weather gave way to constant rains. We have been able to observe after a rain how the birds swarm the yard looking for worms. This comes after an episode of The Kratt Brothers where we learned all about worms. This show has become one of Selena’s favorite shows, she just loves learning all about the animals. I like the fact that while it is animated, they jam pack each episode with a lot of information, it is a fun way to learn about so many different animals.

We had our first team meeting with Selena’s T-Ball this week. We were suppose to be practicing on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, but so far with all the rain everything has been a complete rain out. We hope to get these kids out for some practice before opening day. Selena did get the rest of the gear for her uniform, baseball pants, belt and socks. Well, we were not able to get the sports socks, since the smallest size they had were way to big.

Next week is our public school’s Spring break, I haven’t decided yet if we will try to hit the studies or take the week off as well. I know I have to get Selena up for her allergy testing, since I wasn’t able get it done this week. I guess that is another thing I like about homeschooling is I can call it as I see it.

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  1. Ha ha, I misread Kratt brothers and read Kraft, and I was trying to think of how Kraft food was teaching about worms.

    I hope your bronchitis gets better soon, that can be very frustrating to be sick so long.

    Enjoy the theory of having another week off.

  2. Our respiratory illness is still hanging on some. It has taken us a long time to get over it. Hope you are feeling much better soon! I love the picture of the flower. It is beautiful.

  3. It's a beautiful picture. I hope you feel better soon!