Monday, March 26, 2012

Girl’s Weekend


Selena had to take my picture when I was ready to leave for my weekend away. As I look at this picture I can’t believe that I went from bald just 3 years ago to my hair being so long now. WOW! it grew fast. My friend and I got up to Shelton about 1:00 and enjoyed the pool, and Jacuzzi to ourselves. We had a great dinner, and enjoyed many laughs, great conversation, and truly a lot of fun.

While I was gone, the weather turned out to be very nice. Papa was able to get Selena outside where they played hard. When I got home they had the baseball bat, ball and mitt out. Papa had made a makeshift T-ball stand for Selena and had her practicing how to hit the ball. She was doing very well. He also showed her many different tips about swinging the bat and how to carry it. I finally showed her how to choke up on the bat, which made swinging the bat a little easier for her.

From the sound of it her and Papa had a good time even without me, other then Selena has been complaining that I did not come home. She missed seeing me in bed when she got up in the morning.

While I am tired, I am not use to being out and about like that I must admit this is going to become a more frequent event. I came home very refreshed and ready to face my task here at home.

Thank you Papa and Selena for allowing Grandma the opportunity to get away. 

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time, and Selena survived. It was probably good for her, too. Very nice picture :)

  2. Everyone needs time away every once in awhile.

  3. It sounds like everyone had a great time! Love your photo in this post - you look great.