Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outside Fun

We actually had a nice day yesterday and prepared to outside. Selena was so excited it was like turning a wild animal loose. She ran about from here to there pointing out so many different things, laughing the entire time. I am sure Papa will get her out this weekend while I am away, since the nice weather is suppose to hold out. I decided to let Selena tell me what she wanted pictures of. The first and foremost thing was to see if her tree was growing. The funny thing though a mole hole that had a piece of mold on it caught her eye so she was just sure that was her tree growing already.


She was a little surprised when I pointed out where we actually planted her tree seeds, but a little disappointed at the same time when she realized her tree wasn’t growing yet. She looked down and kept pointing to a leaf she wanted me to take a picture of. It wasn’t until we downloaded the picture on the computer that we both discovered there was a little fly on the leaf. She named him Tiny.


Then she discovered these pretty little flowers growing in her rock garden. I am sure they are just a weed, but they are a pretty shade of pink.


Of course what would outside time be without time on the swing set?




Selena then pointed out some clouds that she thought looked like one huge cotton ball.


She spotted some more weeds, well she thinks they are flowers growing in her rock garden, little does she know she will be pulling all these here at some point this Spring.


And what would a day outside be without picking all the dandelions in the yard? I mean come on now that would be just terrible to not pick them and make a bouquet for Mama.

DSCF0359I couldn’t help but catch her off guard while she examined a piece of wood that was laying on the ground.

DSCF0373 Then just one last picture before we headed back into the house to put her dandelions in water. It was so much fun to explore our little yard with Selena, I am so looking forward to a great Spring and Summer full of so many new discoveries with her.


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  1. Princess picks all the "pretty flowers" she finds too. It rather cracks me up.

    I'm glad you guys finally got a pretty day.

  2. Looks like some much needed outdoor time!

  3. She looks so happy. She has grown so much and her hair is so long and pretty. She is growing into a beautiful young lady.

  4. For once your weather is better than ours :) Selena looks so happy and free. I am glad she is feeling better.

  5. She does look like a young lady now. My how quickly kids grow!

  6. It looks like she enjoyed every minute. Her hair is so pretty! She is looking older all of a sudden.