Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Week Without Papa

Selena is missing her Papa pretty bad. The other night when she made the realization that he would not be coming back home to sleep, she looked up at me and said, “Mama you have to snore so I don’t miss Papa so much.” Believe me that did not happen. I am just glad he doesn’t have to make these trips that often, once a year is enough.

Before he left, he did take Selena shopping for the supplies she would need for t ball. They picked out her mitt, a ball, bat and cleats.



Selena practiced and practiced until she finally figured out how to put her mitt on all by herself. She was pretty proud of that. She can’t wait to get out side and try to learn how to swing her bat and to catch the ball. I know she is going to have so much fun when t ball starts.

Her and I were very busy preparing for Cubbies this week as well. She made out all her Valentines for Tuesday night. I planned the craft and started the preparations for the kids to make something to put their Valentines in.

100_6162 I chose to use two paper plates. By cutting a heart pattern I cut the thinner plate so it would look like the top of a heart, then glued it just inside of the rim of the thicker plate. The children will be able to decorate these anyway they want to with crayons and heart stickers. I didn’t realize how much work I had ahead of me though until I sat down to glue the plates together. There are 17 of these total, stacked drying for Tuesday night.


Selena and I also watched Tangled, twice. She really enjoyed the movie. It was nice to watch the whole movie in one sitting instead of having to split it into two separate sittings. I have to admit I found the movie to be very well done as well.

We are looking forward to a girls pizza night with our friend on Wednesday. Then on Friday Selena has a roller skating party to go to with the homeschool group. I’ve tried to fill our week with as much as I can to keep her mind off the fact that Papa isn’t here. Of course even with my attempts, very often Selena asks for Papa, and I know she will be pretty excited when he gets home. 

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  1. Her snoring comment is adorable. Sounds like your doing a good job hanging in!

  2. That's so cute! We love Tangled here too

  3. Sounds like a busy, lovely week for her. I am sure you miss Papa, too!

  4. It sounds like Selena will have a very busy week. These Valentine holders are very clever! Anna was over the top excited over Valentine's Day, but I am happy it's over now.