Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentines Day


Papa called and wished us a Happy Valentines Day before he had to head off for his training. Selena was thrilled to find this poodle in a bag that Papa had bought for her before he left. She quickly named the poodle puff.

While we do not celebrate Valentines Day in any traditional fashion, it seemed very strange to not have Papa at home with us this year. It was really kind of lonely. I guess it didn’t help that Selena and I were not feeling very well either. Selena had been sick the day before, and I had hoped she would be feeling better by morning. We woke to me not feeling so well. We ended up sending our craft supplies off with a friend for Cubbies and stayed home.

I tried to get Selena to decorate one of the Valentine craft projects that I had prepared, but she wasn’t even feeling up to that. Our friend is going to bring by her Valentines from Cubbies later though, that should cheer Selena up a bit.

She was surprised when we got our school books in the mail today. She looked them over and announced, I am an official Kindergartner now. She was pretty excited when packed in the box there were a couple of great surprises.



While she didn’t get to play with the play money today, she did have hours of fun making patterns on the abacus. Now I am just trying to figure out when we will begin her official Kindergarten journey, if we will begin now or wait until Fall. Oh heck, I think you know the answer to that, we won’t be long before the books will come out and we will begin learning.

The curriculum I chose to go with came from Keepers of Faith. The Kindergarten material pretty much covers phonics very heavily, and learning to write. As the year progresses though the material gets pretty tough, learning to pronounce words that I have never seen in any Kindergarten curriculum, let alone, first or even second grade materials. I did order some Kumon workbooks for beginning math and some fun cutting and mazes. I think Selena will have a great Kindergarten.

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  1. We are looking forward to seeing your Kindergarden adventures with Selena!

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  3. Ooh, good luck with kindergarten. One word about this abacus though. We have the same, and I regretted many times buying it. Good abacuses have two colors divided into 5s and a sort of a space in between 50s. Playing with "real" abacus in MathBox was really good for Anna, and she treats the one that we have at home more like a toy.