Sunday, February 19, 2012

Off On A New Adventure

Selena is so anxious to get started on our new school adventure. Yesterday she was thrilled when Pastor delivered her a new student desk. I have to admit we talked about getting her a desk, then had sort of decided against it. This last year while trying to teach to a child who thought she could just climb on the table and sit on it proved to be more difficult then this grandma liked. When Pastor called to see if we wanted the desk I was thrilled especially over the timing with preparing to start our new curriculum.


She quickly had to sit down with paper and crayon and get started coloring. Pretty soon she realized there was a cubby hole to keep her supplies in, so she had to find some books to put in there. Then came the fun part, she had to read her book, “Marley and Me”. I was quick thinking and grabbed my camera and got a video of her reading.


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  1. This is fun to see Selena in action! She is a good reader.

  2. How cute! She did a great job reading the book.

  3. I couldn't really hear her words, but I could tell she was reading with expression! Great job!