Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

We got up yesterday morning and decided to head out to get our tree. All bundled up we got to the Christmas Tree Farm. As usual the first one I found was perfect, but you know we had to walk around and look at many more, only to turn around and come back to the first one we found. Why did I forget my camera this year?

Once we got it home and in the house Selena had a blast helping me decorate it.


She was a lot more selective this year as to where she hung the decorations. It really was fun having her help this year. I look forward to having her help me every year.



Then came the fun part was presenting Selena with her new ornament. I tried to get various pictures of it, and finally decided just laying it on the table worked the best.


It looks like one large teardrop pearl for the body with silver wings to make it an angel. Then it has another silver circle below that says “You’re an Angel” with a crystal hanging off that. Let’s just say Selena loved it.

Another new, yet very old ornament to find its place on my tree this year is the tree topper. That angel was purchased when my children were very young. When plugged in she not only lights up but the wings move back and forth, the arm holding a single white light moves in and out from her body. Tomorrow I will try to get some pictures of her to share, she truly is absolutely beautiful even after all these years.

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  1. I loved decorating the tree too, it's so much fun once they are able to actually help and use their own opinions on where to put things.

  2. Very neat that the tree topper still functions. It must be nice for Selena, since it's from her mother's childhood, too.

  3. Even from far away she looks beautiful.