Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Christmas Corners

First let me show you the picture of our tree top. As I mentioned this tree top is old, at least 20 years old. Believe it or not I forgot I even had her. I had used my mom’s angel from the time she lived with us, packed this one away and didn’t find her until we moved into this house. My mom wanted Selena’s mom to have her angel tree top, so I did send it to her. This one then came out this year. Selena is in love with this angel, though she did tell me today she wanted to make a star to go on top of the tree, an idea she got from a Christmas movie she watched.
I loved Leah’s comment yesterday on my post. Yes, I am surprised she still works as well. Every light still lit up, the ones under her dress as well as the one she holds in her hand. Her wings still move just as elegantly as they did when we first bought her.
This was the first Christmas corner that Selena and I decorated. We strung lights in the large dining room window, and using a table that was in Selena’s room we brought out our snowmen, Santa Clause, two pretty candles that were my mom’s, and an old fashioned caroler that was made for Selena’s mom 20 years ago by one of her uncles. They all face looking out the window, and though at night it is hard to make them out from the street, during the day they are beautiful to see. If I do this again next year I will do it differently so that even at night they can be seen from the road.
We used the top of my China hutch to put all of our small Santa collection. Now if only Selena would leave the antique piggy bank alone I would be really happy. I suppose due to the fact that Santa is driving a old time car, truly intrigues her. We are working on the fact that the car needs to stay parked.
Of course my fireplace mantle became home for all our stuffed Christmas pretties. Though many times I can’t find the Christmas cow, since Selena is in love with him.
My Nativity set found it’s place on top of the piano. Along with a small string of lights that just fit along the bottom of the mirror. The center light in this string is white which shines directly over the top of the nativity set.
With this large window in the kitchen I decided to use a string of white lights with the red garland. Selena and I decorated the snowflakes and the gingerbread men with glitter glue. I wish I would have taken pictures of them before we hung them up. I am sure we will be making more of these, since I picked them up at Target for a dollar a package, each package contained 10 of each. Selena truly had a lot of fun decorating the gingerbread men. She didn’t know I had done this until she woke up yesterday morning. She was one very excited girl to discover this window all decorated.
There you go, a tour of all our Christmas corners. The only left is for me to go get some hangers to hang our stockings on the fireplace mantle with.
Christmas has officially arrived in our home! Music and all!
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  1. Pretty!!! Our tree topper broke, so we have to get a new one.

  2. I love looking at your Christmas photo's. I remember seeing all of your things last year....gorgeous!!!

  3. I love them all! We don't really have any corners yet

  4. Hi! Following you from Mollys Home Team! It is nice to "meet" you! :)