Saturday, December 3, 2011

North Dakota


After such a long break from her State work, Selena suddenly woke up yesterday morning and informed me she wanted to do some State work. I asked her which State she wanted to work on. She informed me, “North Dakota.” She pointed to it with ease on the map, not my nice wall State map which is rolled up in a closet, but on a blank map in her book.

I wasn’t quite prepared but we jumped right into the activity.



As you can see Selena is not much interested in coloring any more and would have been happier if I would have colored for her. She did choose color the State Orange due to the orange on the flag. After we got all our facts from the computer, she quickly went to work cutting them out and pasting them on her page for her scrap book.

It was fun to do another State with Selena today.

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  1. Interesting how they go through phases with coloring. Right now my kids seem to be going out of a coloring phase. I'm noticing they're starting to scribble scrabble more in assignments that have coloring.

  2. My boys have always disliked coloring and so many worksheets have a coloring part. I think our state studies are about the only coloring they do. We haven't done North Dakota yet.

  3. Anna is not a big fan of coloring either - especially when she needs to color relatively big surfaces with the same color. She does apply herself more to coloring in school than she ever does at home. Nice addition to your scrapbook!