Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ready, Set, Go


It looks like Selena is ready to get back to her studies. It was nice to take a break from having to plan activities, but it is even nice to have her asking for school work to do. This morning she suddenly wanted to do her math. For some odd reason we couldn’t find our normal Sam and Jan, which is strange as they were sitting on the same counter this entire time and I remember them there when we started decorating for Christmas. Now they are gone. That didn’t stop us though we just found new ones to take their place. Selena went right to work reviewing the math facts that we had worked on before she suddenly decided she wanted to take a break form school.

I think it is a little ironic that she has such a desire to get back to school, when most will be taking time off for Christmas. Oh well, who am I to deny her educational wants.

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  1. That is ironic. We dug up some Christmas math today from when I was teaching. The kids have loved that.

  2. Lovely to see her having the freedom to decide and that her choice was math. :-)

  3. I find that when I stop the activities, K usually comes back begging me to do them. My ES tells me to take a break from home schooling but our kids don't understand that concept. Every day is a day for learning, even through the holidays!

  4. I like how flexible you are following Selena's interests. She can definitely learn best that way.