Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Selena


It’s been one more very fun packed year with you. You’ve grown so much this year, changing so much. I still remember when the picture above was taken, sometimes I wish we could just go back in time and I could pick my cuddly little girl up and just hug her, just one more time.


I love how each year of your life brought on a new adventure, but one thing that never changed was your love for music, song, and dance. You definitely take after your grandma’s side of the family with all these fine qualities. I could spend hours singing and dancing or watching you dance around and listen to all the sweet songs you know or make up.


You have always been so curious, sometimes your curiosity does get you into a bit of trouble, but most of the time your curiosity leads to so much fun in learning and exploring. You have always had such a great desire to learn everything about everything in your world and I have had fun trying to teach you about everything.


Your fun and ongoing imagination has never ceased to entertain us. Sometimes we roll in laughter over your antics, while at times we wonder where you get all that energy from. It doesn’t matter I would not want to change anything or do anything to take this part of you away. Your imagination will take you far, especially as we watch as your imagination takes on the form of everything you are learning around you.


Your love for the world around you gives to such huge discoveries while outside. You have a passion for nature, and the outdoors. You are never too busy learning to just stop and take in all that you see in the world around you. From a weed, a snake, to the waves in the ocean, your intensity about the world around you just calms your spirit.


While change has been difficult for you it didn’t take long before you fell in love with your new home. I have had to laugh when you have gotten in trouble for little things and you have begged to go back to our little house, like that would make things different. You’ve come a long ways in excepting the fact that this is your new home and your new world, and I know that you will enjoy many years growing and learning here.

On this day you turn 5, that’s right 5 years old. I don’t know where the past 5 years went, but I do know I have many fond memories of each and every one of them. I look forward to what this next year holds in store for us. You are changing before my very eyes, getting taller, brighter, but one thing that never changes is your passion for life. I pray that you never lose that passion for life, as it truly will take you along way.

Love you very much Selena and wishing you the happiest birthday ever.


Grandma & Grandpa!

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  1. I love the pictures! Beautiful post. Happy Birthday Selena!!!

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