Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yet Another Storm

With another storm headed our way, we spent the day making sure everything was still anchored down from the last two wind storms. The buckets in the barn used to catch the water from where the roof is leaking were totally full. We are still seeing the damage from the last two storms that have yet to be cleaned up. One entire large sign ripped from it’s stand in the ground. An awning covering a travel trailer just about ripped out of the ground. Someone’s trampoline that is laying almost as flat as a pancake in their front yard.

We were lucky and didn’t sustain any damage except a tipped over bucket and Selena’s basketball hoop that I had laid down on its side got whipped around a bit. It is now resting on our porch and the swing set has been stripped of the swings.

Now that we are on a well for our water, I have stocked up on the bottled water, and have spare water on hand for other uses. Papa has gone out and checked all the gutters and drain spouts to assure they are still in place, free of leaves and clutter, and ready for the next round. We’ve cleaned up as many of the wet leaves that blew in from neighboring trees.

Now we sit in wait to see what this next storm will have in store for us. Selena is learning that there is so much more work to be done here then in our little house. She has stayed in and stayed warm, helped fold the laundry, bring me empty jugs to be filled with water, and watched Papa from the window.

Pal enjoyed a romp with Emma the horse. He doesn’t bother her much but for one reason or another today decided she looked like a playmate. Little does he know this horse is way too big for him. Emma usually just ignores him, but today she was a little frisky and got to jumping and kicking as Pal barked and ran around.

All is quiet now as I type this, the calm before the storm. I have used some of this time to get my Christmas cards ready to go in the mail. Watched to see what our High School Football team would do in the State playoffs, (they lost by one point) and plan a craft for AWANA on Tuesday night.

With all this done now it is just time to cuddle up with a hot cup of hot chocolate and stay warm and dry. I am ready to ride out another wet and windy storm.

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  1. I hadn't thought about the problems with swings for really windy days. I guess our yard has a bit of a wind break because they don't get whipped around usually.

  2. Enjoy the calm before the storms. I certainly hope that I won't have to fly through them on my way to Europe tonight.