Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Stories


I no longer leave the comforts of my home to run out on Black Friday, if I can’t get it online or before Thanksgiving I probably will not be getting it. I thought I would share some of the funny moments of years past participating in Black Friday.

I remember the year Care Bears were the big toy. Every little girl and even adult alike wanted a Care Bear. My daughter was no different. As ran in a store with my Father-in- Law in hopes to snag one for her we realized that the isle where they had been were empty but for one lonely one sitting there. Two women were literally arguing and battling it out as to who would get this one last Care Bear. My Father-in-Law walked past them, giving them a funny look, grabbed the Care Bear and we left the isle. All the while the two women were still screaming at each other. I often wonder how long they stood there fighting, screaming, yelling and shouting before they realized the last Care Bear was gone.

My sister use to ravish through the ads like a mad woman planning out everything she wanted. She would then give all of us one item to go after. It was our job to get out early stand in the lines, no matter the weather and attempt to get the item for her. I insisted I was not going to go do this for her or for anyone else. While they all disbursed on their way to get the item my sister just couldn’t live without. I rested throughout the day. The following day I looked at the one item left on the table that my sister wanted so bad, a blender. My sister and her children came home with only a few things, complaining that they had not made it to the stores early enough to get what they wanted.I gave it a week, and went out after all the mad mobs had left, bought the blender took it home, wrapped it up and gave it to her for Christmas.

This year I noticed that I had made a list of items I wanted for Christmas the first of the month, I even listed the prices. Last weekend my husband wanted me to show him once again the specific items I wanted that was on my list….guess what the prices had been raised. Now on Black Friday as I look through the adds and online, I discover the items I wanted are back down to the original price that I first found them at. Now that is no savings to me. That is not to say that one can’t find some excellent deals right now.

If I can’t stay to home and relax, do a little online shopping, stay warm and out of the crowds and traffic, then Black Friday will just have to pass me by.

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  1. I had a few specific items that I got on Black Friday, but I've discovered that if you go about 9:00 in the morning most of the crazy mobs are gone.

    So, I successfully got several of Jeff's present at half price, and some winter clothes for the kids at half price.

    But, the crazy people at Toys R Us or Wal-Mart that are fighting in lines are rather scary.

  2. That is crazy about the prices!!

    I don't like lines or crowds, so I avoid the whole thing!

  3. We looked online and got a few things, but this is a strange year where we didn't have anything really pressing. I guess it means we are nicely settled into our house and our life. The story with a blender is pretty funny!

  4. We headed to the woods to cut our tree, instead of to the mall - much less of a crown there :)