Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeking Him Advent 2011

When I received the invite to join in on this special Bible study, hosted by A House Upon The Rock and Day By Day In Our World, I couldn’t resist. I quickly downloaded the study guide and then found the book Stepping Heavenward this morning on Amazon. It truly sounded like something that I would enjoy. I read this book years ago, and as I revisited it today the familiarity of the words brought back the same feelings and drew the same pictures that I remember having when I read it before.

During this season we get so caught up with all the shopping, decorating, baking, and the lists for gifts, Christmas cards, that we can sometimes forget the real reason for the season. I have been looking for away to really change things up a bit in our home through the Advent season, and make it more meaningful for my family, but I realized in order to do this, I have to get in tuned myself to the entire Season of Advent. I had to prepare my heart, and my mind in order to bring the Advent to life in my home.

I have two choices, I can get lost in the Worldly view of Christmas or I can seek after the true meaning of Christmas. I can get caught up in the competition of buying the best presents, sending out the perfect Christmas cards, having the best Christmas decorations. Though I choose to seek Him first, to open my heart and listen to the call He has on my life, to find total contentment in who He made me to be.

I am seeking Christ.

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  1. I can't wait to read more about your thoughts.

  2. I do believe that you can blend both if you manage not to get overboard with commercial aspects of Christmas.

  3. I have had similar thoughts lately.

  4. Part of me would love to leave all commercial and secular trappings behind us. However, even my grinch of a husband wants to go overboard on things for the boys. I 'get' that he's compensating for a perceived lack of stuff as a child. But, while I enjoy seeing looks of joy on their faces, I also want them to know WHY we are celebrating Christmas.

    Thank you so much for joining Trish and I on our journey this Advent and Christmas season. I hope you'll stop back and keep linking up!

  5. Leaving all the trappings behind. It's very hard to do when everyone and everything distracts us.

    We are not doing traditional anything this year. Not even a traditional tree, although we will be doing our Jesse Tree, but it will look very different.

    I'm so glad you are joining us as we seek Him this season.