Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Child’s Perspective

After making the active choice that I truly wanted to Seek God this year through the Advent, I asked Selena what it meant to Seek God.

Selena’s first response was that to Seek God means to try to find Him. I expanded upon this and asked how can we find Him? Again her answer rang like music in my ear, “We listen to Him.” I asked her, does God talk to you? She responded, “Yes, he says a lot of good things to me.” I then asked, “Is this like prayer?” She looked at me and with such a sweet smile upon her face answered, “Grandma it is the best prayer there is.”

I asked Selena to give me one more example if she could about how we can seek God. She ran and grabbed her Bible and explained to me, “This is the Bible, it is God’s word. He gave it to us so we could know Him.” All I could think was wow that is deep for a 4 year old. Yet, she is so right on in her thinking. She then faded off to her little play world singing “Silent Night.”

Her two main points were to 1. Talk to God and 2. To read God’s Word.

We do read together as a family and we pray as a family. We encourage reading and praying throughout the day. During this Lent season I feel very encouraged to start a few new traditions.

Selena and I made a prayer jar. This is a jar that we can jot down the things we want to pray for. It can be prayer requests or praises, what ever is laid upon our heart. We don’t have to read them as a family, but we can certainly pray for all the prayers as a family that is placed in the jar every morning and every night.


Then one more point that Selena made 3. We can listen for God to talk to us. We will wait for Him to answer our prayers.

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  1. That is the sweetest post ever. I loved her responses.

  2. This gave me goose bumps. We all need to think like children more often.

  3. “Grandma it is the best prayer there is.”

    Music to my ears too. And how true...lots of good things in those prayers. How wise beyond her years!

  4. I wonder what do children hear that we don't. Perhaps we forgot how to listen!

  5. Such great truth from the mouths of babes.

    What a blessing she is to us! Thank you so much for sharing.