Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick Science/Hail


On Thursday night just before it was bedtime we heard the hail outside. I first lifted Selena up so she could see how my car was turning white. She placed her ear against the window and said she could hear it. I decided, we just can’t let this opportunity go by. Of course it was dark, so she was truly using all her senses here as we went out on the back porch. I first had her stick her hand out so she could feel the hail hit her hand. All she could say was, “I feel it Grandma, I feel it.” I asked her what it felt like, but she was at a loss for words. I stepped out and grabbed a handful off my car and we came back in the house. I grabbed a plate out of the cupboard quickly and placed the hail on it, sitting it down on the table I told Selena go have fun.

It was very well formed hail, so she got to really explore the texture, the small round balls of ice, and I believe she even tasted it. She played with it for a long time until she finally announced it turned into water. I asked her what do we call that when something solid like this turns into water? She answered, “It melted.” I then went deeper, and asked, “What else do we know melts and turns into water, and what did this remind you of?” She thought about it for a minute and announced, “Ice cubes from our freezer.”




After it had melted totally she carried the plate ever so carefully and poured the water in the sink. Now she is hoping that this hail will bring snow in the morning.

I am very Thankful for all that mother nature gives us to explore, enjoy, and sometimes even dislike. No matter what mother nature is one awesome force worth exploring.

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  1. Were you able to cut any of the stones open to see the rings? I was very impressed that we could actually see them in the hail. There's a read-to-learn science book about hail, that's pretty good, called "Down Comes the Rain" - it explains how rain turns into hail.

  2. I also immediately thought of hail rings, but Leah beat me to it. We get hail very rarely here, but it would be a great opportunity to investigate.

  3. Hail is cool. What a great experience for her

  4. Great job, Grandma! Learning like this will stick for a long time. Following you from Abundantly Blessed. Ammy

  5. It is wonderful to see things through the eyes of a child. How fun.